#2 How to choose a right painting for your home?

Now a days paintings have become an integral part of our home. New home owners plan for interior decoration, for such interiors and paintings are put on top priority. As paintings have no limited edition, they are just beautiful imagination of artist and having their vision on canvas has become the inherent part of our living space beauty in modern world.

Those days are gone when people used to buy conventional paintings for home. In the modern scenario, people either choose customized paintings made by artist or they opt for readily available artwork for sale online, anyway let's have a look to tips below.

Top 5 Tips to choose right painting for your home

1. Plan in Advance

(a) Choose Wall: Proper planning in advance for an appropriate space is very important. Generally main walls of drawing room, or bedrooms are considered well for it. Even then painting have their space in lobbies, staircases etc as well.

(b) Number of Paintings: Consider the number of paintings to go on a wall. Big walls can be mesmerized by choosing large oversized multi panel canvas artwork for example: 2 panel, 3 panel, 4 panel, 5 panel paintings etc.

2. Color Selection

Before choosing a painting, keep in mind the color of a wall and shade of a canvas painting to bring out the best aesthetic looks. Color matters alot as it brings beauty and freshness to the place. As everyone has its own choice of colors and contrast, so it is recommended if the walls are dark in color, then choose handmade paintings which are light in color. Otherway around, if walls are light in color, then opt for contrast color paintings.

When color and contrast is chosen wisely for walls and paintings, it will definately seek attention and get noticed by your family and friends. Good decision on colors will make the ambience look great.

For color ideas and selection, you can follow us on social media e.g. pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr. We continously share beautiful artwork photos and tips on a regular basis for our art followers. We try to illustrate colors and sizes of a proper artwork in different complimentary rooms and this will help you to decide for a right selection. Finally, We love to see you browse our art website or stay tuned for ideas, tips and discounted deals at our social media channels.

3. Painting Subject

Choosing a right painting subject is extremely important for a wall. Art subjects such as Abstract, Landscape, Floral goes very well on a living room walls. However, particularly Abstract Multi-colored Handmade paintings are the most sought after, and being contemporary art, it fits well mostly to any wall decor.

As we have mentioned in our last point, everyone has its own choice for colors and subject of a painting to be seen on a wall. So basically people will go according to their favourite subject especially for your bedroom walls because it's the only place where everyone wants a beautiful painting to be hung as per their choice. In today's world, we recommend nicely done modern abstract goes very well to any wall, irrespective of colors.

4. Choose Right Size

Right size of a painting is extremely vital and should be considered according to the space and interiors of the walls. If the space available on a wall is huge then multiple set of paintings goes undoubtedly for a perfect decor choice.

For medium size walls, both large and small size paintings are recommended for a decor. Generally drawing room walls are big in size and tend to get noticed at a first place while entering the home, choosing a large oversize canvas painting works too good to increase the beautification and to attract attention towards a wall.

5. Price Consideration

While buying a painting, keep price into consideration. Handmade paintings may vary from hundred to thousands of dollars. Best place to grab a deal for buying artwork is online.

Some of the websites may charge a delivery fee, this may shoot up the price of an artwork, however it is recommended to choose and buy artwork who offers free delivery to your door step. To keep you in budget, browse arttree store for great discounted deals with free delivery australia-wide and USA.

Final Words

Since there are a lot of parameters and variations while choosing a right painting, price also varies in domestic and international markets so sometimes it become little difficult to choose a right painting for a right place but if you keep in mind the tips which we discussed above then it will easy for you to have your walls decorated perfectly.