6 Styles in Botanical Prints Taking over Interior Designs

Bringing the outdoors in is very popular and an easy styling technique whether it’s your home or office. Colorful flowers, plants, lush green leaves printed on the canvas liven up the empty and boring spaces of your home. Botanical prints and colors never really go out of trend but one has to be updated too as the trend has been continuously growing.

Today, we will talk about the latest styles and trends in this old-fashioned interior designing technique. Here is the 6 botanical print styles which will bring jaw-dropping impact on the look of your place: -

1.   Watercolor Cactus
This latest trend is taking the interior design world by storm. The classical summer plant flaunting lush green stem with blue color as a contrasting part provides an engaging and different perspective to the viewer.

2.   Watercolor Leaves
For a contemporary and cool look, one must go with this kind of botanical art prints.  With a light background and contrasting colors of leaves like grey, purple and bottle green, one can give a vibrant look to any space whether it’s a living area or dining space. This sort of canvas print is always trendy and looks elegant.

3.   Birds and Flowers
Birds and flowers give an adorable touch to any wall. Taking inspiration from retro style bird and flower combination, these appealing prints of birds and delicate flowers would be a subtle way to add colors and interest in the room. Such botanical art prints look alluring and show a brighter side of the room.

4.   Blue and White Flowers
Give a little treat to your eyes with this statement combination of blue and white color oversized flower canvas print. Such an arrangement of flowers will create visual interest to the viewer and also make your surrounding serene and cosy. Complementing other elements of your room with this canvas print would not only make your room look trendy but also classy.

5.   Blue Poppy Flower
Claimed to be as the most beautiful flower in Himalayas, India, its canvas print would do justice with your space to create a spectacular sight for you. Blue poppy flower canvas print would lift your soul and brighten up your day. It makes your space looks richer with its stunning sky blue color. It could be installed near your entrance to make it look splendid.

6.   Green Fern Plant
For freshening up the vibe in your room, such canvas print is a necessity. Green fern plant print makes a delightful addition to your home or office. Green color adds vibrancy, dynamism and brings the outdoor beauty inside in the form of a botanical print.

These are some of the most significant styles and trends of botanical art prints. So make these art prints a part of your beautiful lives and bring a wow factor to your room decors. Using such art subjects like those of flowers, leaves etc. would give a modern look and also bring a liveliness and positivity to the interiors. So, go ahead and get these prints now!!!!