5 Wall Art Decor Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

So, you have recently shifted to a new place, and can’t wait to spruce up the empty spaces of your living area by arranging the furniture just as you want, isn’t it? Well, be careful in placing your souvenirs collected from exotic holiday destinations and decorate your happy place like never before.

By the time you wish to relax and sit on your sofa, you never realize that your blank walls need a sprinkle of refreshment too, and are waiting for your attention. Those big boring walls generally question your potential to think out of the box. They are challenging your creativity skills. You give a deep thought, and nothing really comes out as an aesthetic solution. In such a case, it’s time to show your walls who is the boss. Nobody wants to stare at a dreary, lifeless wall all day long, which is why wall art is something that we should never fail to mull over during the home decor process.

In this blog, we've got a plethora of wall art decor ideas to bring your empty walls to life. However, just like fashion changes with time, the home decor, wall art trends, colors, and patterns need to be refined. Having said that, there are a few style statements that are simply classic and seem to never go out of style. Here are some great ideas to invest in that have stood the test of time and perhaps worthwhile investments for your abode.

Let’s get started without much ado!

  1. Canvas Prints with Perfect Quotes
Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive every time. You need not lash out a hefty amount of money on decorating your bland walls as we have a perfect solution that is trendy and cost-effective at the same time. Is there any particular quote on your mind which you find relatable? From vintage, elegant to sarcastic and motivational, you can choose any category of your choice, and get it framed to hang it on the wall. Naturally, one frame will not work wonders. Therefore, use canvas prints of different quotes or sayings in preferred shapes and sizes to make a gallery out of it. We bet your walls will love to be around a fresh and quirky vibe spewed by canvas prints quotes.

  1. Create a Photo Gallery Wall
Nothing brings a smile to your guest's face than having to look at a wall replete with a photo gallery. Trust us, this idea will never fail. Display a stunning collection of your priceless memories with loved ones that you can cherish for a lifetime. It’s never boring to look at the family pictures, be it recent or old ones. Make sure the pics you decide to hang on are of different shapes and sizes as this unique cluster of photos will definitely turn stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces.

  1. Why Not Try Hanging Antique Plates?
Do you wish to add depth to your living space and transform the facet of your interiors? You can make it happen by hanging an array of antique plates on a blank wall for your guests to admire. This home decor trend will never fail to look impressive on your wall. It will not only enhance the look of your dreary-looking wall but also accentuate the entire ambiance of your living room.

  1. Use Your Walls for Storage
The moment you shift to a new house or rent an apartment, the struggle to store your favorite objects, souvenirs, collectibles, or books begins. You might not get the privilege of having pre-built shelves to display your keepsakes and mementos in an organized manner. Well, in that case, it’s wise to go for a designer cabinet or minimalist shelving on the wall to display small yet significant things. You will find an exclusive variety of designs in cabinets and shelves that will add a style statement to your walls.

  1. Old Is Truly Gold
Take a trip down memory lane by mounting your old bike or stuff which is close to your heart. You must have a few collected treasures rusting in your storeroom, which you would never feel like dumping or giving away to anyone. It’s time to use them to beautify  your dull walls and make them drool-worthy. If you are experimentative in nature, then you would enjoy trying this one!

We hope you’ve got the inspiration needed to add grace and style to your bland walls. For more exciting ideas to beautify your nest, you can visit arttree.com.au to find that perfect piece of wall art that your walls are desperately waiting for!